Hello, all the NZ plant lovers. I am going to talk here about how indoor plants can completely change your lives in different ways.

Number one is that it exhales fresh oxygen into your indoor atmosphere which creates a clean fresh air environment to live and breathe in. Clean air is very vital for your health especially in regards to mood uplift, stress reduction, creativity increases and getting rid of any harmful pollutants which in return makes a healthier and happier you! It has been proven that house plants improve your health- making a happier and healthier you!

Number two is that “wow” factor! These super green species from nature enhances our living spaces with its greenery, shapes and color’s with some climbing up and some going down or this or that way despite how big or small your living space is, from small apartments to big Mansions. You can’t’ beat the band here, It exceeds in amazing ways that words can’t describe.

No wonder it has taken off the ground in the NZ market and private homes. Research has shown that some of the best plants that are extremely good in air purification are English Ivy and Dracaena Fragrans.

Why working with plants can be therapeutic?

I myself have found it myself that working with plants can be very therapeutic especially if you have mental illness, indoor gardening helps a lot. It’s soothing to your mind. And it’s just because of horticulture therapy wellbeing to people with depression. Dementia or anxiety. Can you believe that in the UK, medical clinics are prescribing “potted plants” to patients with depression and anxiety symptoms?

Plants also help you to recover from surgery, illness, or injury, and its all the trick of the greenery.

Plants At the workplace.

Amazingly plants in the workplace help you to reduce stress and anxiety too and research has shown that offices that had a view to a greenery , Parks, etc had happier people as opposed to concrete jungle cities.

In conclusion

Plants, plants, plants!
Office or home, it’s a source of pleasure.
By allowing plants to share your living or working space promotes happier and healthier living and a clean air-breathing environment!

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Want to breathe fresh air in your home?

Want to breathe fresh air in your home?

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