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  • phalaenopsis-orchid-moth

    Phalaenopsis Orchid Moth White comes in a 16 cm black or white plastic cover pot.

    $45.99 incl. GST
  • peperomia-scandens

    Peperomia Scandens. 12-14 cm pot

    $39.99 incl. GST
  • peace-lily-indoor-plant

    Peace Lily. Comes in 15 CM white ceramic pot

    $29.99 incl. GST
  • monstera-delicosa

    Monstera Delicosa. 14- 16 cm pot

    $75.99 incl. GST
  • peperomia-polybotrya-raindrop

    Peperomia Polybotrya ( raindrop) comes in 9 cm pink pearl ceramic cm pot

    $35.99 incl. GST
  • Philodendron-minima-1-online-plants

    Philodendron Minima. 12 cm pot

    $45.99 incl. GST
  • peperomia-watermelon

    Pereromia Argeriya ( Peperomia watermelon ) 12-14 cm pot

    $55.99 incl. GST
  • fittionia

    Fittonia skeleton. 9 cm ceramic cover pot

    $19.99 incl. GST
  • phildendron-birkin

    Philodendron Birkin. 12 -14 cm pot

    $55.99 incl. GST
  • Miranta with stripes on the leaves

    Maranta Leuconeura. 12 cm pot

    $45.99 incl. GST
  • Alocasia-online-plants

    Alocasia Polly. 12-14 cm pot

    $35.99 incl. GST
  • syngonium-arrowhead

    Syngonium Arrowhead Golden Allusion. 12 cm pot

    $29.99 incl. GST
  • Zamioculcas Zamofolia. 14 cm pot

    $35.99 incl. GST
  • senecio-rowleyanus-string-of-pearls

    Senecio Rowleyanus (String of Pearls) 12 cm pot

    $25.99 incl. GST
  • philodendron-monkey-mask

    Monstera Adansonii – Philodendron Monkey Mask. 12-14 cm pot

    $55.99 incl. GST
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