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  • Sale! Aglaonema Red Gold Plant

    Aglaonema Red Gold

    $35.99 incl. GST
  • Aglaonema Pink Butterfly

    Aglaonema Pink Butterfly

    $35.99 incl. GST
  • Sale! Calthea rattle snake plants Out Of Stock

    Calthea Rattle Snake comes in ceramic pot

    $25.99 incl. GST
  • Sale! Calthea Setosa plants

    Calathea Setosa

    $25.99 incl. GST
  • Sale!

    Philodendron Bipennifolium Aurea

    $65.00 incl. GST
  • Sale!

    Grey Bubble – 14cm

    $16.99 incl. GST
  • Sale! Out Of Stock

    Blue Bowl – 12cm

    $16.99 incl. GST
  • Sale! Out Of Stock

    Anthurium Aramon

    $24.59 incl. GST
  • Out Of Stock

    Alocasia frydek

    $99.99 incl. GST
  • Buy Anthurium Vanilla Plant Online NZ Out Of Stock

    Anthurium Vanilla

    $26.99 incl. GST
  • Alocasia Jacklyn Plant Online NZOnline NZ Out Of Stock

    Alocasia Jacklyn

    $79.99 incl. GST
  • Buy Philodendron Burle maxi Varigated online nz

    Philodendron Burle maxi Varigated

    $85.00 incl. GST
  • Buy Philodendron Blizzard Plant Online NZ

    Philodendron Blizzard

    $89.99 incl. GST
  • Peperomia Rosso Care Plant Online NZ Out Of Stock

    Peperomia Rosso Care

    $25.99 incl. GST
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