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Ficus Shivereana Variegated

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Ficus Shivereana

Care Taking care of a ficus shivereana is not too different from growing a typical F. elastica. Here are the main care requirements for ficus shivereana: Give this plant medium to bright indirect light. Plant ficus shivereana in well-drained potting soil.

Water ficus shivereana when the top half of the soil has dried out. Feed this plant once per month with diluted houseplant fertilizer during the growing season.

Consider that ficus shivereana can be more sensitive to being moved or neglected than regular rubber plants.Light Put ficus shivereana in a place that receives medium to bright indirect light but not direct sunlight.

Brighter light will help this plant maintain its colorful variegation. Soil Use a light, well-drained potting mix for ficus shivereana.

Lighten up a basic potting mix with a few handfuls of perlite or orchid bark to enhance drainage. Water Instead of watering on a set schedule, check your ficus shivereana’s soil moisture reg.

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