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Grow with Groconut as an alternative to synthetic rooting stimulants and growth boosters. Use it exclusively, or alongside your fertilising routine. Studies show that plants fed with coconut water will be denser with bigger leaves and healthier root systems, 100% naturally.

  • Maximize uptake of nutrients
  • Stimulate cell enlargement resulting in leaf expansion and vigorous root growth
  • Encourage growth of lateral buds
  • Deeply condition the soil
  • Treat nutrient imbalances
  • Use as a rooting hormone in propagation

All Coconut Water powders contain free-flow agents due to their hygroscopic nature. We are proud to be providing NZ & Australia with the highest-quality formula with the least amount of free-flow agents – and that’s what makes our product work.

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The coconut is one of nature’s biggest seeds.

It’s packed with all the nutrients, enzymes and hormones that turn a little coconut into a huge palm tree in one of the harshest and most infertile conditions that nature has to offer – sand! We’re proud to be offering the highest quality horticultural coconut water formula that’s jam-packed with growth boosting plant nutrition. Our customers swear by it.

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